Q: Even though a mobile app is available to take the test online, can participants continue to use the paper-based test?
A: Yes, paper-based test may still be used.
Q: Is the mobile app supported on all mobile devices?
A: No, some mobile devices may be outdated and may not have the required operating system. Please note that there is also a web-based version of the mobile app that participant may use from a web browser on their mobile device. The web link to the web-based application is: https://fei.psu.edu/SmokeSchoolWeb/Home/Login
Q: How do participants obtain the mobile app and take the test online?
A: In preparation to take the test online, the participants should download the iOS-based version from either the Apple Store or the Android-based version from Google Play by searching for PSFEI and then installing it on their mobile device. They may also obtain the mobile app from our PSFEI website at: https://www.psfei.psu.edu/ and clicking on the options under the PSFEI Smoke School App.
Q: Is the username for the mobile app the same username that participants used to register for Smoke School?
A: No, participants will have separate login credentials to the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute(PSFEI) system.
Q: How do participants obtain their username and/or password for the mobile app?
A: If a participant previously attended a Visible Emissions Training with PSFEI, they already have a Username. a. To obtain their Username, participant should click on the Retrieve Username function on mobile app. b. To obtain their Password, participant should click on the Update Password function on mobile app. If this is the first time attending the Visible Emissions Training with PSFEI, the participant would need to use the Register button on the mobile app login screen to obtain their Username.
Q: What is the authorization code that is needed to Register and obtain login credentials for the mobile app?
A: The code is a 3-to-4-digit number provided by the instructor over the speaker or at the registration table. It is valid only for that session.
Q: Should participants have access to their email on their smart phone before taking the test online?
A: Yes, the mobile app utilizes participant’s email address to send the verification code and test results.
Q: Will smart phone chargers be available on test sites for participants to use?
A: No, participants should ensure their smart phone is fully charged before taking the Smoke School Test online.
Q: Will WiFi be available to use if participants don’t want to use their smart phone cellular connection and data?
A: Yes, a password to a wireless network can be requested and provided at the registration table.
Q: Can a mobile device be provided to a participant to take the test online if they don’t have their own device but want to take the test online?
A: Yes, PSFEI has a limited number of Android tablets that could be loaned to a participant to take the online test.
Q: After a participant receives their test results, can they leave?
A: They may leave only if after pressing the Test Results button, they see the words, “You have passed both tests”, highlighted in green at the top of their mobile device screen.
Q: What should a participant do if they failed their test?
A: They should NOT leave. They should see one of the instructors to review their test results.
Q: What would cause a participant to fail a test?
A: Any individual plume difference greater than 15 (20. 25, etc.) and/or a total difference greater than 185 (190, 195, etc.) on either white or black smoke.